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Give One. Get One.


GIVE a friend or family member a home makeover at 50% off  GET a home makeover at 50% off!

JCC Concierge will GIVE $1,000 to a local charity.

Save up to $5,000 each!


You GIVE this certificate to a friend or family member who is planning to sell their house. 

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How it Works

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Market Ready with

$0 due until closing!

Plus, we offer up to $15,000 in relocation or moving assistance.


They will RECEIVE up to $5000 towards pre-list improvements and repairs.

JCC will work with the homeowner to identify 1-3 options to help their home become move in ready and make their transition smooth and easy. 

Better yet, they will pay $0 up front!

JCC Concierge is paid when their home sells!


We'll GIVE you a 50% discount up to $5,000 on any home improvement project!

  • Need floor covering, paint, roof or just some handyman services? 

  • Want a complete Kitchen or Bath makeover?

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Honey-Do List?

No problem!  We are happy to help and because giving started the receiving process, you'll get 50% off!

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Already have a charity

you love?


We’d love to support them too!


JCC Concierge will GIVE $1,000 to a local charity.

 That is enough to help the local Food Bank deliver 4,000 meals!

A person or family in need RECEIVES a hand up.

As the cost of living rises, many families with tight budgets are faced with choices between basic needs like housing, food, healthcare and transportation.

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A helping hand...

Together we can help reduce food insecurity and decrease homelessness by resourcing basic needs.


Giving starts the receiving process in life. 

When you give the gift of an introduction, JCC Concierge receives an opportunity to serve more clients including you! 

Your gift starts the process of receiving...for them, for you and 4,000 people in need!

  • This seems too good to be true, how do I know that you won't just charge me a high price and then give a discount?
    Our prices are fair, we welcome you and your friend to get bids from other contractors to understand our value.
  • Does my friend need to use my Realtor®?
    We hope you'll introduce the Realtor® who gave you this certificate. However, they are not required to use them.
  • Can my friend use a Realtor® of their choice?
    Yes, their Realtor® must meet JCC Concierge and demonstrate their home selling process. In addition, they must meet minimum home sale volume requirements. Note: Because JCC Concierge and the homeowner are paid when the home sells, we require a review of their home selling process and the number of listings sold in the prior 12 months to protect our investment.
  • What if my friend's Realtor® does not meet the home sale volume requirements?
    We believe in working as a team to find solutions to help. We can introduce your friend to multiple JCC Concierge certified agents including the one who gave you this certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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