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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: The results of David Messner's engagement with JCC Concierge were nothing short of remarkable. The total cost of repair paid at closing amounted to $77,731, a necessary investment to address the needed repairs and updates for his property. However, this strategic decision bore fruit as the final sales price after these renovations soared to $600,000. This impressive increase in value translated into an additional owner profit of $98,494 for David. JCC Concierge's expertise not only facilitated a successful home sale but also significantly bolstered his financial gains. This outcome showcased how JCC Concierge's services can effectively help homeowners like David sell their properties at a higher price point and navigate their transition to the next phase of life with confidence.



4410 S 296th Pl Auburn 98001_002.jpg

What was done?

The property underwent a comprehensive transformation to prepare it for sale. Popcorn ceilings were removed, and all interior walls and ceilings were repainted, providing a fresh and modern interior. The existing cabinets were painted white, and interior doors and trim were replaced to enhance aesthetics. The garage was updated to meet fire code standards with new drywall. Luxury vinyl plank flooring was installed throughout the main level and bathrooms, complemented by new quartz countertops and bathroom vanities. Exterior improvements included painting, fence post replacement, landscaping, and refinishing the back deck, resulting in a significantly enhanced property ready for sale.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






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