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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: Dwayne and Suzanne Burnell faced the daunting task of selling their home with an as-is value of $850,000, knowing it required substantial repairs and updates. With the assistance of partner agent Nic Chambers and JCC Concierge, they invested $182,239 in repairs, confident in the expertise provided. The results spoke volumes as their property sold for a final price of $1,420,000, resulting in an impressive profit of $387,761. Through strategic planning and meticulous execution, JCC Concierge not only transformed their home but also enabled the Burnells to achieve optimal returns and seamlessly transition to the next chapter of their lives.



24-20130 106th Ave NE, Bothell (37).jpg

What was done?

Several transformative changes were implemented to enhance the property's appeal and value. The kitchen and dining room were seamlessly integrated by removing a dividing wall, while the kitchen's ceiling was elevated to match the adjoining living room, creating a cohesive and spacious ambiance. Brand new Shaker kitchen cabinets were installed, offering both style and functionality, complemented by island quartz countertops and updated sink hardware for a modern touch. A comprehensive painting project rejuvenated the interior and exterior, breathing new life into the home's aesthetic. Additionally, meticulous attention was given to patching any imperfections in the siding and drywall, ensuring a flawless finish throughout.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






"Scott and the JCC Concierge team are a Dream Team. We worked with the JCC Concierge team, along with our realtor Nic Chambers, to renovate and sell our home.  From the detailed scope, the excellent communication and craftsmanship, the quick response to questions, and the ability of JCC to work on schedule, it was an unexpectedly easy home renovation process.  We couldn't be more delighted.  We sold our home above asking and it all went so well. 

Thanks Scott and team for a fabulous experience!"

-  Suzanne Burnell

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