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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: In collaboration with real estate agent Beth Avery, Cathy Wilson's success story with JCC Concierge took flight. Initially valued at $699,000, Cathy's property underwent a transformative journey guided by strategic repairs and updates totaling $325,811, meticulously managed by JCC Concierge. With the JCC team’s expert touch, the property's value surged, culminating in a remarkable sale for $1,400,000. This lucrative outcome resulted in an additional profit of $375,189 for Cathy, showcasing the seamless synergy between JCC Concierge, Beth Avery, and homeowners seeking to maximize their property's potential and profits.



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What was done?

To revamp the property, JCC Concierge executed a comprehensive overhaul. They started by installing new light fixtures throughout the house, illuminating every space with modern elegance. A complete transformation of the bathrooms ensued, featuring a new layout, along with the installation of sleek new toilets and a luxurious bathtub, elevating both style and functionality. The kitchen and bathrooms received a stunning upgrade with the installation of crisp white shaker cabinets, infusing a timeless charm into these essential spaces. To enhance comfort and aesthetics, new carpet and luxury vinyl plank flooring were laid down seamlessly throughout the property, creating a cohesive and inviting ambiance. Finally, the kitchen was equipped with state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, adding a touch of sophistication and efficiency to the heart of the home.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






"Such an asset!! Thank you, Scott and team, for all of your hard work. You accomplished updating our home and adhered to a strict timeline successfully; very impressive! We are so grateful to have crossed paths with you and wish you all the best!"

- Cathy Wilson

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