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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: Clayton Fetzer enlisted JCC Concierge to prepare his home for sale, with an initial "As-Is Value" of $580,000. Through strategic repairs and updates costing $46,340, JCC transformed the property, resulting in a final sales price of $630,000. This successful collaboration yielded an additional profit of $3,660 for Clayton, showcasing the effectiveness of JCC's approach in maximizing home value. The concierge experience provided a hands-off process for Clayton, allowing him to seamlessly navigate the selling process and move on to the next chapter of his life. This case exemplifies JCC Concierge's commitment to transparent, value-driven solutions for homeowners.



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What was done?

Clayton’s property underwent a comprehensive transformation, beginning with a fresh coat of paint on all interior walls and ceilings. The kitchen saw notable upgrades, including new Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring and the installation of modern stainless steel appliances. A new filler was added to the kitchen for improved microwave placement and functionality. The property underwent a thorough two-stage cleaning process, ensuring a pristine presentation for potential buyers. Professional staging was employed to maximize the visual appeal of each space, contributing to the property's overall market value and desirability.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






"I worked with JCC Concierge when selling my property because I wanted my house to sell quick and for peak value. Having the concierge experience resulted in me being hands-off with the home selling process which is exactly what I was looking for. They presented multiple options for potential value adds on my home, and I appreciated that there was never any pressure to say yes. Fortunately, I trusted and fully agreed with their analysis and JCC Concierge completed renovations quickly and effectively. The house looked great! The property sold quick and for JCC'Concierge's suggested listing price so I can't argue with their results either. If you're looking for a trusted and transparent partner when selling your home, look no further than JCC Concierge.”

- Clayton Fetzer

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