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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: Shane Tierney's success story with JCC Concierge highlights a transformative home-selling journey. Facing an as-is value of $425,000 and significant repair needs, Shane partnered with JCC Concierge to prepare his property for sale. With a strategic plan and $126,500 invested in repairs, the property's final sales price soared to $635,000. This substantial achievement resulted in an impressive $83,500 additional profit for Shane, showcasing the remarkable potential of expert guidance and strategic enhancements in the real estate market.



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What was done?

A brand-new kitchen was installed, featuring elegant white shaker cabinets, pristine quartz countertops, and sleek undermount sinks. The bathroom spaces also underwent a rejuvenation, with upgraded bathroom vanities, quartz counters, and undermount sinks. The kitchen was equipped with modern stainless-steel appliances, including a sophisticated stainless-steel hood positioned above the oven. Interior enhancements included a comprehensive makeover, involving the meticulous process of matting, texturing, and finishing the ceilings. Both bathrooms were rejuvenated with stylish tiling, creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. The property's interior received a fresh coat of paint, while the exterior was revitalized with a striking new paint job, enhancing curb appeal. Additionally, the roof was thoroughly cleaned, restoring its pristine condition. The property's aesthetic was elevated further by the removal of popcorn ceilings, adding a touch of modernity. Lastly, a new fence was erected around the pool area, ensuring privacy and safety while contributing to the overall appeal of the property.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






"“My overall experience with Nolan and JCC Concierge was awesome! I’ve dealt with other folks but Nolan and his team won me over with their swiftness and initiative, they made the process easy! It was incredible that my house went to mutual contract after only 3 days on the market!! I’m grateful for Nolan and his JCC Concierge Team for making the house look great and saleable, they really never missed a beat! While they were working on the home the JCC Concierge team even paid for my housing and living expenses to help bridge the time gap!  Given the uncertain market climate, I was impressed at how everything was handled and I couldn’t ask for a better process. If you’re thinking of making the move to sell your home, I would definitely recommend Nolan and the JCC Concierge Team, they’ll take good care of you!”

- Shane Tierney

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