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North Bend

Complete Renovation


THE STORY: Martha Soreng's success story with JCC Concierge showcases the transformative power of strategic home improvements. Facing an initial as-is value of $175,000, Martha decided to invest in repairs and updates worth $152,000 with the help of JCC. The results were astounding: her property's final sales price skyrocketed to an impressive $715,000. After deducting repair costs, Martha enjoyed an additional owner profit of $388,000. This remarkable outcome not only expedited the sale of her home but also enabled Martha to embark on her next life chapter with newfound financial security and confidence.



15015 444th Ave SE North Bend 98045_039.jpg

What was done?

The property underwent a thorough transformation to enhance its market appeal. Replacement of windows and doors for energy efficiency and aesthetics. Refreshing the interiors with a complete repainting. A significant structural change was made by removing a wall that separated the kitchen and family room. This created an open flow through feel, modernizing the layout and maximizing the sense of space. he kitchen underwent a complete transformation, featuring sleek Quartz countertops, undermount sinks, and stylish White Shaker Cabinets. Brand-new stainless-steel kitchen appliances were installed to enhance the overall aesthetic. The bathroom was completely updated with the installation of a new toilet, tub, and surround, ensuring a modern and appealing space for potential buyers. These improvements, orchestrated by JCC Concierge, not only modernized the property but also significantly increased its value, leading to a successful sale for Martha Soreng.

As is Value 

Total Cost

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