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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: Jill Smith faced the challenge of selling their home in a competitive market and were unsure how to maximize its value. JCC Concierge guided them through the process by assessing the property and local market, creating a customized improvement plan with estimated costs and a timeline. JCC Concierge managed the repairs and updates, alleviating Jill of the burden and offering deferred payment from sale proceeds. The property's initial value was $950,000, with $198,140 spent on improvements. The property has been listed for $1,450,000 in the market. Jill have received multiple offers and it quickly went under contract. With JCC Concierge's expertise, the home sold for $1,700,000. That's $250,000 above list price! Yielding a profit of $385,889 for Jill Smith. Her experience underscores the transformative impact of JCC Concierge's services in facilitating a seamless transition

to the next phase of their lives.



17723 NE 105th Way Redmond 98052_002.jpg

What was done?

The property underwent a comprehensive series of improvements.. The outdated tile fireplace was meticulously removed and replaced, resulting in a modern focal point that captured attention. Simultaneously, a new tile surround was installed around the fireplace, and a sleek shower door was added to the bathroom, infusing contemporary elegance. The interior spaces underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of new trim and baseboards throughout, accompanied by a fresh coat of interior paint that revitalized the ambiance. The kitchen was transformed with the addition of new white shaker cabinets, a quartz counter, and undermount sinks, all centered around an elegant island. To enhance both functionality and visual appeal, new stainless steel kitchen appliances were seamlessly integrated.  The property's flooring was refreshed with the replacement of the existing carpet, introducing a modern flooring solution.Additionally, a strategic financial solution was implemented by reinstating the loan, allowing the necessary time for the property to be sold without

immediate financial pressures.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






"Prior to working with Nolan and JCC Concierge, I had received numerous letters and offers from various individuals who seemed eager to rush me into making a decision. However, their approach was refreshingly different. He took the time to understand my concerns and patiently addressed each one. They were not like the others who wanted to hurry the process along. Instead, they provided the support and guidance I needed, earning my trust from the very beginning. To say that I was amazed would be an understatement. My house sold for $250,000 above the list price!


It was an incredible outcome that exceeded all my expectations. I owe this extraordinary achievement entirely to Nolan and JCC Concierge’s unwavering commitment, hard work, and ability to deliver outstanding results. Throughout the entire process, Nolan and JCC Concierge were wonderful, polite, and responsive. They understood the importance of effective communication and ensured that I felt heard and supported whenever I reached out to them. They were not only accommodating but also went the extra mile by conducting thorough research on my behalf. Their dedication to providing exceptional service was evident every step of the way.


I highly recommend Nolan and JCC Concierge to anyone considering their services. Trust me, you won't regret it. They have the expertise, professionalism, and commitment to deliver outstanding results. If you want to maximize your potential and work with individuals who genuinely care about your success, then Nolan and his JCC Concierge are the ones to call. 10/10!"

- Jill Smith

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