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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: Dan Perkins, a homeowner, faced the challenge of selling his property valued at $1,200,000 in its current state. With the help of JCC Concierge, he embarked on a transformation journey. The company financed $111,656 in necessary repairs and managed the entire process, sparing Dan the hassle of contractor coordination. The result was astounding - his home sold for $1,700,000, adding $388,444 to his profit. JCC Concierge's expertise not only maximized the property's value but also accelerated its sale, enabling Dan to smoothly transition to the next chapter of his life.



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What was done?

Strategic improvements were made to enhance the property's appeal, including replacing gold door hardware with brushed nickel fixtures for a modern look. Safety and aesthetics were ensured by repairing the kitchen-to-family-room railing. Inside, updates included replacing the kitchen faucet, painting the interior, and restoring hardwood floors. New carpet and padding added freshness and comfort. Functional upgrades extended the laundry area to create an entryway from the garage, while a durable tile floor was installed. The bathroom received a modern touch with a new white shaker cabinet vanity. Landscaping improvements rounded out the transformation, enhancing the property's curb appeal.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






"We are very happy with our experience with JCC. They were very fast to answer our call for an estimate, provided a very well thorough estimate, and then delivered on the estimate we chose. It worked great and our house sold for more than we expected. Thank you JCC for your skill, expertise, and responsiveness!”

- Dan Perkins

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