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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: JCC Concierge showcased their ability to elevate home sales. Lisa Jones' property, initially valued at $430,000, faced the challenge of needing repairs and updates before sale. JCC Concierge stepped in, conducting $58,924 worth of improvements. The outcome was remarkable – the house sold for $525,000, generating an impressive additional profit of $25,215 for Lisa. This success story highlights JCC Concierge's capacity to enhance property values, streamline sales, and significantly increase homeowner profits.



11504 SE 178th Pl Renton 98055_003.jpg

What was done?

The exterior received a fresh update with a white coat of paint accented by elegant black trim, instantly enhancing the curb appeal and inviting potential buyers with a modern aesthetic. Inside, a soothing Repose Gray adorned the walls, harmonizing with the bright white trim to create a neutral canvas that appealed to a wide range of tastes. The upgrade included the installation of new 6-panel doors, meticulous molding, and trim work that added a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to every corner of the property. To enhance functionality, a strategic move was made by opening a wall to create a flat island between the kitchen and family room, fostering a seamless flow and contemporary living space. New carpeting was laid throughout the property, enveloping the spaces in comfort and presenting potential buyers with a fresh, inviting atmosphere. The kitchen's cohesive look was further enhanced by the addition of a white dishwasher, aligning with the existing appliances and contributing to the overall visual harmony.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






"I found Scott and JCC Concierge to be super helpful when I was selling my home, I felt comfortable with him. They made the process easy!  Scott and his team took care of everything from moving my stuff to storage to painting, carpet and getting staging and photos. When the Buyer's inspection required a new roof, Scott's team jumped into action and completed it within a week so we could close quickly. Scott is reliable and trustworthy, and I definitely recommend him and his team!"

- Lisa Jones

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