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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: Ozgur Basaran collaborated with JCC Concierge to enhance the value of his property before selling it. Initially valued at $700,000 in its as-is state, Ozgur recognized the potential for higher profit through strategic improvements. JCC Concierge assessed the property, devised a personalized plan for $139,285 in repairs and updates, and managed the costs until the sale. The efforts resulted in a remarkable transformation, boosting the property's sales price to $975,000. Ultimately, Ozgur reaped a profit of $130,001 thanks to JCC Concierge's expertise in maximizing property value.




What was done?

The property underwent a series of strategic improvements to enhance its appeal and value. The interior saw the replacement of outdated doors with fresh 6-panel doors, complemented by white trim and base molding. In the basement, a comprehensive transformation took place as popcorn ceilings, drop ceilings, and tiles were removed. Additionally, a bathtub was installed in the lower-level bathroom, accompanied by a new ceiling vent fan for improved ventilation. The property's functionality was further upgraded with the installation of a new double sink vanity featuring elegant quartz counters and undermount sinks. In the bathroom area, the existing tub was replaced with a modern tiled shower, complete with a tile pan and surround. The living space was reimagined through the removal of a wall between the kitchen and dining room, leading to the installation of a brand new kitchen complete with LED cans and light fixtures to enhance the space's ambiance. Finally, the exterior received attention with landscaping improvements to enhance the curb appeal of the property.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






“I had the pleasure of working with Brian Alfi and JCC Concierge and overall, I was very satisfied with the exceptional service provided by this team. They truly delivered on their promise. The recommendation they made for the house was spot on and exactly what it needed to be sold! My house lasted only a couple days on the market and sold for $50k above list price! I’m glad they recommended this option or I would’ve left a significant amount of money on the table. I simply didn't have the time to seek out contractors and manage renovations myself. Their assistance in this regard was invaluable. They took charge of finding reliable contractors and overseeing the necessary improvements, which saved me a tremendous amount of time and stress. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian and JCC Concierge to anyone looking to sell their property. They not only deliver on their promises but also go above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome. Thanks to their expertise and the well-informed decisions they made, I was able to sell my house at a price that truly reflected its value.”

- Ozgur Basaran

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