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Complete Renovation


THE STORY: In Christopher Brown's remarkable success story with JCC Concierge, his home's initial 'as is' value stood at $1,250,000. Recognizing the need for significant improvements, a total of $247,968 was invested in critical repairs and updates, a decision made with confidence thanks to JCC Concierge's guidance. The tangible results were nothing short of astonishing, as the final sales price of the property surged to an impressive $1,750,000. This transformative journey ultimately left Christopher with an additional owner profit of $252,032, demonstrating the immense value of partnering with JCC Concierge. Through their expertise, Christopher was able to sell his home faster and for a substantially higher price, providing him with the financial means to embark on the next chapter of his life with confidence and security.



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What was done?

Several key improvements were made to Christopher Brown's property by JCC Concierge to prepare it for sale. The exterior of the home was refreshed with a new paint job, and the roof was replaced with a durable 30-year composition. Inside, the kitchen and bathroom received upgrades, including new quartz countertops and stainless-steel appliances. A brand-new bathroom was built, complete with white shaker cabinets. Additionally, the property saw improved energy efficiency with the installation of new windows and the addition of a well-designed closet for enhanced storage. These strategic enhancements played a pivotal role in the property's transformation and contributed to its significantly higher final sales price.

As is Value 

Total Cost

Sales Price






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